1. A general Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 2.00 or (84%) in the bachelor’s degree.
  2. Applicants must have earned 18 units of English, 6 units of Mathematics, 18 units of Social Science subjects. Applicants lacking units must satisfy these requirements during summer before they are allowed admission.
  3. Official Transcript of Records (TOR) from a recognized university or college.
  4. Any government-issued ID (competent evidence of identification) and/or CTC.
  5. Income tax return of applicant or the applicant’s parent from the year prior to the date of application.
  6. Two (2) recent passport size, identical colored photos.
  7. A letter of recommendation from the Dean or Head of former school.
The following are the guidelines to be implemented for applications to the PLM College of Law:
1. Read the General Admission Requirements.
2. Download the “UNDERTAKING” and completely fill it up.
Applicants are again reminded to DOWNLOAD the document to their respective computer or device. Any other requests, i.e. to edit or access the same, shall be ignored.
3. Prospective applicants shall email their UNDERTAKING (need not be notarized at this point) in PDF format only to the following email addresses:
4. Please indicate at the subject heading the following: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name – Undertaking for PLM College of Law. Example: John Bartolome Cruz – Undertaking for PLM College of Law
5. Conditionally admitted students shall be notified by email to submit a hard copy of all the documentary requirements (original or certified) by private courier or personally to College Administrative Staff. For those without complete documentary requirements, you shall be given an ample time to submit all documents required.
6. Conditionally admitted students, however, shall be required to submit their notarized UNDERTAKING on the day of enrollment.
7. Those who cannot follow instructions and those with incomplete or defective UNDERTAKING will NOT be processed.
8. Always check your email for updates. For more information,
(a.) Read and understand the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs);

(b.) Visit and the Facebook Page of PLM College of Law (PLM College of Law); or

(c.) Call the CL Admin Office at (02) 8643-2533 (Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM).